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Future of cocoa certification


In the cocoa supply chain, the industry has committed to promote and invest in the future of certified cocoa as it's been seen as one of the most powerful tool to increase and shape the lives of cocoa producers, at the same time the exporters seem not really interested in pushing in the right direction and see certified cocoa as a new business modal to get more beans. Not really caring about impact, about transparency, about real commitment for our common future as world cocoa family. We believe that big change will not be possible if we are not willing to sacrifice part of our individual interests to preserve the common interest, we believe that big impact is possible if we decide to make change in the way we want certified cocoa to be seen by both producers and consumers, we believe that certification is as a real business modal which needs to address cocoa issues taking into account the fact that all players in the cocoa industry have something special to bring. We believe that if we are transparent to each other the industry will be better off, as a young generation of cocoa producing country, the way we see the farming today is different from the way our grand parents were seeing it, so our reaction to issues today is surely different from our grand parents, certification appeared strongly in 2008 as we were looking for the best solution to keep farmers in cocoa farms, today, we need to readdress issues and use this tool as a complement to the others to be able to achieve sustainability in cocoa.