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Practical publications

Quality control by the determination of heavy metals in new variety of cocoa (cocoa mercedes) in Côte d’Ivoire. , Yapo, Kicho Denis, and Ouffoue Sébastien Koffi , Journal de la Société Ouest-Africaine de Chimie , 06/2014, Côte d’Ivoire, p.64, (2014) , (Practical Publication)
Sustainable Cocoa. The Netherlands and the International Cocoa Sector, , World Cocoa Conference - The Netherlands, 09/2014, (2014) , (Practical Publication)
Behind the brands : food justice and the ‘Big 10’ food and beverage companies, Oxfam , Oxfam briefing paper, 2013///, Oxford, UK, (2013) , (Practical Publication)

Characterization of the supply and value chains of Colombian cocoa

TitleCharacterization of the supply and value chains of Colombian cocoa
Publication TypeReport
AuthorsGarcía-Cáceres, Rafael G., and Perdomo Alejandra


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