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To share, meet and learn for sustainable cocoa

Practical publications

UTZ CERTIFIED IMPACT REPORT, UTZ certified , Amsterdam, (2014) , (Practical Publication)
Fairtrade Cocoa in West Africa, International, Fairtrade, and Africa Fairtrade , 06/2014, (2014) , (Practical Publication)
Sustainable Cocoa. The Netherlands and the International Cocoa Sector, , World Cocoa Conference - The Netherlands, 09/2014, (2014) , (Practical Publication)
Making cocoa more sustainable. , Toose, W., van Elzakker B., and Daniƫls L. , (2013) , (Practical Publication)
International Workshop on Cocoa Certification, ICCO, ONCC and U. N. F. S. S. , International Workshop on Cocoa Certification, 06/2013, Cameroon, (2013) , (Practical Publication)
Rainforest Alliance: cocoa certification program, Mensah, Christian , Douala, (2013) , (Practical Publication)
Intentieverklaring duurzame cacao, Verburg, G. , 2010///, (2010) , (Practical Publication)

International Workshop on Cocoa Certification

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TitleInternational Workshop on Cocoa Certification
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsICCO, ONCC and U. N. F. S. S.
Conference NameInternational Workshop on Cocoa Certification
Date Published06/2013
Conference LocationCameroon
Publication LanguageEnglish

This one-pager gives the recommendations adopted during the international workshop on cocoa certification, 24-27 June, Douala, Cameroon,