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Academic publications

FAIR TRADE – CONTRADICTING OR COMPLEMENTING SE? A critical research on RISE's Fair Trade activities within a social entrepreneurial framework, Gottlieb, Mikkel , Department Psychology and Eduction, 06/2014, Volume Social Entrepreneurship and Management, Roskilde, (2014) , (Academic Publication)
Partnerships for sustainable development, Pfisterer, Stella , Leiden, Rotterdam, (2013) , (Academic Publication)
Increasing cocoa productivity through improved nutrition, De Vries, K, McClafferty B, and Van Dorp M , 11/2012, The Netherlands, (2012) , (Academic Publication)
Public/private partnerships in agroforestry: the example of working together to improve cocoa sustainability, Shapiro, H. Y., and Rosenquist E. M. , Agroforestry Systems, 2004, Volume 61, Issue 1, p.453 - 462, (2004) , (Academic Publication)

Partnerships for sustainable development

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TitlePartnerships for sustainable development
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsPfisterer, Stella
Secondary AuthorsPayandeh, Nasim, da Rosa Andrea, and Stotelar Ismaela
PublisherUniversity of Applied Scientists Leiden in cooperation with the Partnership Resource Centre, at RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam
Place PublishedLeiden, Rotterdam
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywordspartnerships, value

This publication reflects essays of participants of the module Partnerships for International Sustainable Development, of the post-graduate course of "International Sustainable Development" for profesionalls in business and society organized by the University of Aplied Sciences Leiden in collaboration with the Partnership Resource Centre. One of the Essays is on the potential of partnership for a sustainable cocoa supply chain, written by Maaike van Loor