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Property rights, production technology, and deforestation: cocoa in Cameroon

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TitleProperty rights, production technology, and deforestation: cocoa in Cameroon
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsKazianga, Harounan, and Masters William A.
JournalAgricultural Economics
Start Page19
End Page26
Date Published2006
Keywordsaccess to land, farmers & production, green production, land tenure, productivity and quality

Data from Cameroon show that improved tenure security over cocoa fields increases farmers’ consumption and welfare, but at the expense of more deforestation. The introduction of new cocoa varieties with faster maturity and higher input response also unambiguously raises farmers’ consumption and welfare. Doing so increases deforestation under insecure land tenure, but slows down deforestation under secure land tenure. When introducing the two innovations together (more security and also new varieties), there is both an increase in welfare and a decline in deforestation. In sum, the availability of new cocoa cultivars calls for stronger tenure security, to accommodate investment in the new technology without increasing deforestation.


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