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Sustainable cocoa: a matter of taste?, Laven, Anna, and van der Kooij Susanne , Chocoa Conference 2014, 03/2014, Amsterdam, (2014) , (Practical Publication)
Cocoa Production and Related Social-Economic and Climate Factors: A Case Study of Ayedire Local Government Area of Osun State, Nigeria, Adeniyi, O. R., and Ogunsola G.O. , Agricultural Science , 06/2014, Volume 2, Issue 4, Nigeria, p.13, (2014) , (Practical Publication)
The Role of Education in Empowering Young Women in West-African Cocoa Communities - Poster presented at WCC 2014, , World Cocoa Conference 2014, 06/2014, Amsterdam, (2014) , (Practical Publication)

Rooting out child labour from cocoa farms; A manual for training education practitioners: Ghana's picture
TitleRooting out child labour from cocoa farms; A manual for training education practitioners: Ghana
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsOrganization, International Labour
InstitutionInternational Labour Organization - International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour
Keywordschild labour, eduaction, Ghana, manual, schooling

This manual, Rooting out child labour from cocoa farms, A manual for education practitioners: Ghana, is specifically aimed at helping education professionals address the special needs of current and potential child labourers in order to encourage them to stay in school and complete their
education. From 2002 to 2006, WACAP supported projects in five countries: Cameroon,Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea and Nigeria. Overall, the programme was very effective in raising awareness, mobilizing stakeholders,building capacities or organizations in the countries and removing several thousand children from hazardous work in agriculture. Most importantly, it demonstrated that working with communities to help them resolve their own problems related to child labour can make a substantial difference in keeping children out of the workforce.

The four papers in this series, Rooting out child labour from cocoa farms, synthesize the knowledge and experiences acquired from implementation of the WACAP programme in the individual countries.
Paper No. 1: A synthesis report of five rapid assessments
Paper No. 2: Safety and health hazards
Paper No. 3: Sharing experiences
Paper No. 4: Child labour monitoring –A partnership of communities and government

They are complemented by training manuals for education practitioners and farmers.
Rooting out child labour from cocoa farms – A manual for training education practitioners: Ghana
Training resource pack on the elimination of hazardous child labour in agriculture


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