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Practical publications

UTZ CERTIFIED IMPACT REPORT, UTZ certified , Amsterdam, (2014) , (Practical Publication)
Fairtrade Cocoa in West Africa, International, Fairtrade, and Africa Fairtrade , 06/2014, (2014) , (Practical Publication)
Sustainable Cocoa. The Netherlands and the International Cocoa Sector, , World Cocoa Conference - The Netherlands, 09/2014, (2014) , (Practical Publication)
Making cocoa more sustainable. , Toose, W., van Elzakker B., and Daniëls L. , (2013) , (Practical Publication)
International Workshop on Cocoa Certification, ICCO, ONCC and U. N. F. S. S. , International Workshop on Cocoa Certification, 06/2013, Cameroon, (2013) , (Practical Publication)
Rainforest Alliance: cocoa certification program, Mensah, Christian , Douala, (2013) , (Practical Publication)
Intentieverklaring duurzame cacao, Verburg, G. , 2010///, (2010) , (Practical Publication)


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Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsUTZ certified
InstitutionUTZ Certified
Keywordscertification, Cocoa, farmer, impact, liveilhood, productivity, quality

UTZ CERTFIED IMPACT REPORT. January 2014. Combining results from 24 external impact studies and data from UTZ Certified. The studies summarized in this report examine the impact of UTZ certification in the field. They indicate that
implementing good agricultural practices on UTZ certified farms results in higher yields and better quality crops. The
impact of training on the UTZ Code of Conduct is significant in helping farmers to improve their knowledge and adopt
professional farming practices like record keeping and efficient use of fertilizer and pesticides. As a result, farmers
can increase their income earning capacity.

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