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To share, meet and learn for sustainable cocoa

Practical publications

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World Cocoa Conference - Interactive Sessions

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TitleWorld Cocoa Conference - Interactive Sessions
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
SponsorAffairs, Ministry of Economi
Corporate Authorsconference, World cocoa, and ICCO
Conference NameWorld Cocoa Conference - Interactive Sessions
Date Published06/2014
Publication LanguageEnglish
Keywordsinteractive sessions, sustainable cocoa, WCC

During the World Cocoa Conference a number of interactive sessions are organized on relevant topics and challenges. While enjoying lunch, you are all invited to participate, contribute and learn together with the organizers of these sessions, including Wageningen UR, IDH, GAIN, WCF, KIT, ADM, ICI, Solidaridad and the Barometer consortium. The outcomes of these sessions will be displayed in the “Inspiration lounge”.

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