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  1. Terms of use

    It was implemented on behalf of the Dutch ChocoworkGroup Sustainable Cocoa by the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT). KIT ... and organizational information • active participation in working groups • supporting research proposals from the working groups or the platform. The following conditions apply: • Members or other users take ...

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  4. Certification and wage labour in the cocoa sector in Ghana

    in certification initiatives. As such, these farmers act as a comparison group. To detect differences between ...

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  5. Win Friends & Influence People Through Music-- Is It Possible?

    of extra-curricular activities on the intellectual and social development of six-year-old children. Se group of 144 ... were offered in order to be able to generalize the results, while the groups receiving drama lessons or em o lessons were considered control groups in order to test the effect of music lessons over other ...

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    that affects many facets of the life. The remaining four groups had received different amounts of the serum. ... a mistake. In another study of five groups with cancerous tumors, with one group being the control group all ...

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  8. About

    jointly decide how to best refer to your work. Cocoa CONNECT is owned by the Dutch ChocoworkGroup ... Affairs. An overview of all the participants of the ChocoworkGroup is presented below.  The Royal Tropical ...

    anna laven - 13/01/2014 - 15:21

  9. Welcome to Cocoa Connect

    start a discussion, join or even start a working group. Working groups are meant for working together ...

    admin - 28/11/2013 - 16:19

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    two groups: one whose members are taking statins, as well as a group who's not. ...

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