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    Sustainable Cocoa, the non-exclusive right to reproduce, render (as defined below), and/or distribute my ... this agreement are entirely non-exclusive. • By uploading my document, I give the right to Cocoa CONNECT to deposit the Work. • I understand that depositing the Work in the repository does not affect my rights ...

    admin - 13/01/2014 - 17:34

  2. My.Coop- Managing your Agricultural Cooperative

    on Managing your Agricultural Cooperative- My.Coop- hosted by the International Training Centre of the ILO ... 2013 Tuition fees: €uro 880 For further information please download the flyer from the My.Coop Website To register for the course online please click here: ...

    info@cocoaconne... - 30/08/2013 - 12:01

  3. Zithromax | Order Long Term Effect

    what is pak 250 tab order zithromax long term effect atopicae paard bestellen cost atopica brand solu ...

    unbecomingtaekwondo - 23/12/2016 - 15:26

  4. Terms of use

    do not harm our technology infrastructure. • Terms of Use and Policies – Members adhere to the Terms ...

    anna laven - 20/02/2013 - 11:52

  5. Advantages and Challenges in Coordinating and Collaborating in Cocoa Research Activities

    In this my first (ever!) blog, I thought it might be interesting to try to stimulate some discussion on the advantages that improved coordination and collaboration in research activities could bring, ... of long-term field based activities such as breeding which are essential for the future of cocoa production, ...

    Michelle End - 05/06/2014 - 11:24 - 6 comments

  6. Letter of intent: sustainable cocoa consumption and cocoa production

    a strong signal in terms of market demand. The focus now should be on farmer support to raise quality ...

    anna laven - 16/01/2013 - 14:09

  7. Good agricultural practices for sustainable cocoa production: a guide for farmer training- manual no. 3: Conservation and biodiversity in and around cocoa farms Forest & Landscape Denmark in collaboration with Sustainable Tree Crops Program of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture Richard Asare, Sonii David, Denis Sonwa 2011 English green production Africa Liberia conservation, biodiversity ...

    jacqueline sluijs - 30/01/2013 - 15:53

  8. Service delivery for small holder cocoa farmers: what's working, for who and where?

    and quality?) and thier long term financial self-sustainability. There is a major lack of data and metrics ...

    verinaingram - 05/06/2014 - 10:18 - 1 comment

  9. Valley of the Four H1N1 and the regular Forest, Veiled Stair.

    Try to limit your rehabilitation. We performed a systematic try leveling up my as your gut is composed ... a person and, the long and have been unable to make it a central issue in my care FCL, the popliteus ... is adversely support healthy cholesterol levels descriptive meta analysis. Long term smokers are related to its ...

    leannalampungmeiua - 20/07/2016 - 03:53

  10. Armajaro Trading

    Traceability is considered to be the key to the long term success of any sustainability initiative. ...

    anna laven - 18/10/2012 - 11:27