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  1. A product chain organisation study of certified cocoa supply.pdf

    actors Conflicting views among chain actors Deforestation Soil Depletion Farmer Income Productivity ... data, soil quality information, crop residues management, use of fertilisers and pesticides, land use ... processing and transports. Still, simplifications were made, e.g. same climate and soil composition for all application/pdf attached to:A product chain organisation study of certified Cocoa supply

    info@cocoaconne... - 18/12/2013 - 15:35

  2. Cocoa farming models and markets

    mechanisation, soil nutrition, irrigation) but need to be matched with appropriate farming production systems. ...

    verinaingram - 06/02/2017 - 18:18

  3. An Analysis of Yield Gap and Some Factors of cocoa yields in ghana.pdf

    ≤ YGE ≤ YGM. YGF can be smaller compared to YGE as well as YGM when farmers fail to maintain soil ... 0 (+): In Ghana, prolonged cultivation of cocoa on a piece of land has been found to result in soil fertility decline due to soil nutrient mining (Appiah, Ofori-Frimpong, & Afrifa, 2000). Thus, applying application/pdf attached to:An Analysis of Yield Gap and Some Factors of Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) Yields in Ghana

    info@cocoaconne... - 30/09/2013 - 08:20

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  9. 4-year PhD position: crop physiology and modelling of cocoa production

    of this position is to quantify the effects of pruning and soil nutrition on growth and yield of cocoa trees ...

    verinaingram - 01/06/2016 - 16:51


    crops&soil. Cocoa CONNECT is owned by the Dutch ChocoworkGroup Sustainable Cocoa, and funded by the Dutch ...

    admin - 13/01/2014 - 17:34