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The rate of return on agricultural innovation in Africa, how it can be identified, and the constraints that limit investment are clearly all questions of central interest for policies towards agriculture in that continent. It has been argued, using data from the rural sector in Africa, that the...

Improving productivity through group lending: Report on the Impact Evaluation of the Cocoa Abrabopa Initiative, Opoku, E., Dzene R., Caria S., Teal F., and Zeitlin A. , Centre for the Study of African Economies, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom. http://www. csae. ox. ac. uk/output/reports/pdfs/rep2008-01. pdf, 2009, (2009)

This report provides the results of an impact evaluation studying the Cocoa AbrabopaAssociation (CAA), a private-sector initiative in Ghana’s cocoa industry. CAA provided a bundle of inputs to farmers based on the Hi-Tech package developed by the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana. The inputs...

Property rights, production technology, and deforestation: cocoa in Cameroon, Kazianga, H., and Masters W. A. , Agricultural economics, 2006, Volume 35, Issue 1, (2006)

The authors' central hypothesis is that investment levels and deforestation rates depend on the interaction of technology with institutions: in particular, they ask whether the availability of faster-maturing cocoa varieties might raise farmers’ incentive to clear virgin forests when...



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