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How do I upload a document?
cocoa CONNECT is an entirely free service for members and non-members who want to share relevant digital material online on a permanent basis by having it uploaded to the cocoa CONNECT library. Contact us using the webform or by e-mail Make sure that: (1) the title is not already in the database; and (2) no copyrights are violated by uploading it in cocoa CONNECT. Indicate whether you want to share this material: (1) within a particular working group only; or (2) in our public digital library.

How do I provide a document link?
cocoa CONNECT is an entirely free service for member and non-member who want to share webmaterial, regardless of whether you have had a share in its production or not. Contact us using the webform or by e-mail Please make sure that the title is not already in the cocoa CONNECT library. You can do so by searching the correct document title in the search box below the header.

How can I search in the cocoa CONNECT library?
You can search in the online digital library of cocoa CONNECT by entering your search terms in the search box, which is situated in the screen-wide chocolate bar below the header. This will not only produce a list of results from which you can make your pick, but also four filtering options in the left-hand sidebar, where you can filter by: (1) resource type, e.g. publication, video, website, working group; (2) main category (farmers & production, markets & policies, chains & relations); (3) location (e.g. Africa, Europe, Latin America); or (4) date (year/month/day).
Once you have selected a document, you will see a “More like this” button to the right of the title, which provides direct access to similar material in the database. In addition, you will see more filter options in the left-hand and right-hand bars, e.g. links to relevant web sites.
Field search is currently not implemented. If you need to find a specific title we suggest you use "quotation marks".
We have attempted to make the search interface as user-friendly as possible. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let us know using the webform or e-mail


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