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Max Havelaar

Max Havelaar is the independent campaigning and certification organization behind the Fairtrade Mark. We license use of the Fairtrade Mark on products in the Netherlands in accordance with internationally agreed Fairtrade standards. The Max Havelaar...

Fair Trade Original - chocolate

Fair Trade Original, incorporated in 1959, is the founder of development trade - an initiative which has since been adopted all over the world. Development trade ensures that products made by farmers, craftsmen and companies that conduct an appropriate social policy gain access to the export...

Dutch Cocoa

Dutch cocoa is a manufacturer of high quality cocoa which follows the path of sustainable production: Dutch Cocoa was the first cocoa processor to source and process Fairtrade / Max Havelaar Certified cocoa beans. It is also the processor to realize segregated cocoa processing and to fully trace...

Cocoa Barometer

The Cocoa Barometer is a joint initiative by the VOICE Network (Stop The Traffik, FNV Bondgenoten, Südwind-Institut, Berne Declaration, Oxfam Wereldwinkels, Oxfam Novib), Solidaridad, and Hivos.The Cocoa Barometer 2012 provides an overview of the current sustainability developments in the cocoa...

IMO - Fair for life - Fair for all. Worldwide. Social responsibility & fair trade.

Fair for life is a brand neutral third party certification programme for social accountability and fair trade in agricultural, manufacturing and trading operations. The programme complements existing fair trade certification systems.

Sustainable Cocoa - Solidaridad Network

Solidaridad aims at a sustainable and fair cocoa chain, from farmer to consumer. The organization consists of a worldwide network of regional expertise centres and cooperates with local partners.

Ferrero Cocoa supply chain

In April of 2012 Ferrero sent out a press release in which it announced its goal to achieve independent and credible third-party verification of the sourcing of all of its cocoa by 2020. The press release can be downloaded from this page.

Cocoa - Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. The Rainforest Alliance, in partnership with cocoa and chocolate companies, public institutions, local organizations and farmer...

PPDC - Market-oriented promotion of certified sustainable cocoa production

The Projet de Production Durable de Cacao Certificié (PPDC) - Market-oriented promotion of certified sustainable cocoa production was a joint public and private sector project aimed to improve the well-being of smallholder cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast. The project encouraged the production of...