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Using Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) to formulate National Cocoa Plans's picture
Loke Fong Han
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public-private partnerships
Public private partnerships

The uncertainty regarding future production (and demand) of cocoa, the dearth of information on cocoa resources, the lack of co-ordination of initiatives originating from the public and private sector as well as from various development partners at national, regional and international levels, have raised questions with regard to the sustainability of the cocoa economy. Consequently, the need for countries to develop their own national cocoa plans, in coherence with other strategic initiatives formulated, such as national plans aiming to develop the agricultural sector and the local industry, the Poverty Reduction Strategic Papers and other national strategic documents, has become very crucial.

To formulate an effective national plan, it is crucial to take into consideration the needs of all relevant stakeholders in the cocoa supply chain. Therefore, the process in its formulation is equally important as the tool itself to ensure that it is transparent, comprehensive and participatory. The Global Cocoa Agenda ( which was adopted at the first World Cocoa Conference in 2012, advocated this process in its key recommendation to encourage both cocoa exporting and importing countries to institute a strategic action plan to achieve a sustainable world cocoa economy.