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Ed Seguine

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Mars Global Chocolate
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Edward S. Seguine Biographical Information July 26, 2012 Title: Chocolate Research Fellow Company: Mars Chocolate North America Company Address: 295 Brown St. Elizabethtown, PA 17331 Phone: (717) 367-0905 Mobile: (717) 275-6918 Email: (work) (personal) Education: 1968 B.S. Chemical Engineering graduate of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, CA Experience: Jan. 2009-Present Ed came to Mars January, 2009, where he is practicing his skills in chocolate liquor and chocolate tasting to support farmers, cooperatives, and country cocoa institutes to insure that flavor is insured in all breeding and development work. He mission is to assist Mars in sourcing, sustainability, and chocolate taste applications and to represent Mars in the international community wherever cocoa and chocolate taste is involved. Key in this is the announced sequencing and annotating of the cocoa genome in which he plays a pivotal role in the identification of flavor attributes for mapping to the genome. Additionally, he serves as a primary chocolate liquor taste reference on a number of international projects and provides evaluation services to the global cocoa growing community. 1983 – Jan. 2009 He came to Guittard in 1983 where he applied his product and process development skills in the development of new chocolate products and in customer service. Through visits to the fields in the producing countries and working with farmers, coops, researchers, institutions, and other organizations, he located heritage cacao, provided fermentation guidance, and oversaw all aspects of converting specialty beans into chocolate from roasting through conching—producing the entire E. Guittard line of chocolates used by three teams placing in the National Pastry Championships and in use by fine chefs and confectioners. Guittard has been a family owned and operated chocolate manufacturer since 1868 and is presently managed by the fourth generation, Gary W. Guittard. Guittard produces chocolate for the confectionery industry and the retail trade. 1968—1983 Beginning his career with Procter & Gamble, Mr. Seguine spent 15 years with them in manufacturing management, process and product development, market research, and technical service. He holds several patents and was responsible for five national product introductions. During his career in the confectionery industry, Mr. Seguine has served as an instructor for: • NCA (National Confectioners' Association) Candy School, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI • RCI (Retail Confectioners International)-Gus Pulakos Course in Candy Manufacturing • Chocolate Course, Richardson Research. • Penn State Chocolate Course • Chocolate Course, Richardson / UC Davis He has been a frequent speaker at: • AACT Technical Conference at Callaway Gardens • PMCA Production Conference • NCA Technical Conference • CMAA Cocoa Merchants Association of America • WCF World Cocoa Foundation • other international, national, and local trade organizations. Memberships: American Association of Candy Technologists American Chemical Society American Cocoa Research Institute (research arm of Chocolate Manufacturers' Association) now National Confectioners Association Scientific Advisory Committee Cacao Research Group Allergen Task Sub-committee Chairman 1999-2000 Cocoa Processing and Ingredient Group Chairman 1992-4 Health Working Group Chocolate and Codex Standards Sub-committee Chairman 1996-2005 Co-Chairman 2005-present Nutritional Database Task Force Chairman 1992-3 Safety Working Group Chairman 1990-1 Chocolate Viscosity Subcommittee (joint with NCA) American Institute of Chemical Engineers American Oil Chemists' Society Chocolate Manufacturers’ Association Legislative & Regulatory Committee Fine Chocolate Industry Association (United States) Chair Sensory Evaluations—Heritage Cocoa Preservation Initiative (2012) World Cocoa Foundation Sustaining member (personal family membership) Guittard Board member (2001-2009) Latin American Committee Chairman 2004-5 Co-Chairman 2005-present Institute of Food Technologists ICCO Chairman Fine and Flavor Cacao Committee 2004-present (International Cocoa Organization, London) Cocoa of Excellence Implementing Committee, ICCO (at Salon du Chocolat) 2008-present Cocoa of Excellence, International Judge, ICCO at Salon du Chocolat, Paris, 2009, 2010, 2011 ICCO Observer Consultative Committee—Economy and Sustainability 2008- IOCCC Chocolate Viscosity Committee CMA/NCA/RCI/NASFT Chocolate Standards Committee Chairman now NCA Labeling and Regulatory Committee, Oct. 2007-Present NCA/RCI/CMA Nutrition Labeling Committee Committee Chairman 1992-1994 Executive Committee Chairman 1993-1994 National Confectionery Sales Association PMCA Research Sponsor Representative for Guittard Chocolate Company 2000-2009 Articles in Publication / Pending: Selection and official release of eight new cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) varieties in Nigeria, COPAL abstract, Oct. 2012, Yaounde Cameroon P.O. Aikpokpodion1*, K. Badaru1, L.O. Raji1, B.D. Adewale1, E. Seguine2 and A.B. Eskes3 1Plant Breeding Division, CRIN, PMB 5244, Ibadan, Nigeria 2Mars Incorporated, Pennsylvania USA 3Bioversity International/CIRAD, Montpellier Cedex 5, France * Corresponding author. Department of Genetics and Biotechnology, University of Calabar, PMB 1115, Calabar, Nigeria The Cocoa of Excellence and International Cocoa Awards initiative, COPAL abstract, Oct. 2012, Yaounde Cameroon Bertus Eskes1, Sophie Assemat2, Jean-François Jeantet3, Ed Seguine4, Stephan Weise5, Janis Thiriet5, Emile Cros2 and Michel Barel2 1 Bioversity International/CIRAD-Bios, 1990 Boulevard de la Lironde, Parc Scientifique Agropolis II, 34397 Montpellier - Cedex 5, France 2 CIRAD-Persyst, Persyst - UMR Qualisud, TA B-95/1673, Rue Jean-François Breton 34398, Montpellier Cedex 5, France 3 Event International, 70 Rue de la Tour, 75116 Paris 4 Mars Global Chocolate, 295 Brown St., Elizabethtown, PA 17022, USA 5 Bioversity International, 1990 Boulevard de la Lironde, Parc Scientifique Agropolis II, 34397 Montpellier - Cedex 5, France Evidence on the Effect of the Cocoa Pulp Flavour Environment during Fermentation on the Flavour Profile of Chocolates, COPAL abstract, Oct. 2012, Yaounde Cameroon Bertus Eskes1, Dario Ahnert2, Luis García Carrion3, Ed Seguine4, Sophie Assemat5, David Guarda3 and Patricia Garcia R. 3 1 CIRAD-Bios, UR 106, TA A-106/02, Av. Agropolis, 34397, Montpellier Cedex 5, France 2 Fazenda Boa Sorte, Uruçuca, Bahia, Brazil 3 Universidad Nacional Agraria de la Selva (UNAS), Tingo María, Huánuco, Perú 4 Guittard Chocolate Co, California, USA (now Mars chocolate North America) 5 CIRAD-Persyst, Persyst - UMR Qualisud, TA B-95/1673, Rue Jean-François Breton 34398, Montpellier Cedex 5, France Adding value to T. cacao germplasm collections combining GWAS and genome sequence analysis, 2012 Plant and Animal Genetics Conference Paper Claire Lanaud1, Alejandra Santos2, Juan Carlos Jimenez2, Arnaud Lemainque3, Sylvana Pavek4, Xavier Argout5, Olivier Fouet6, Edward Seguine7,8, Sophie Assemat9, Fabrice Davrieux10, Renaud Boulanger10, Emile Cros10 and Rey G. Loor11, (1)CIRAD-UMR AGAP, Montpellier, France, (2)INIAP, Quevedo, Ecuador, (3)CEA-Centre National de Genotypage, Evry, France, (4)CEA-Centre National de genotypage, Evry, France, (5) CIRAD-BIOS - UMR/AGAP, Montpellier, France, (6)CIRAD-UMR AGAP, Montpellier , France, (7)Guittard Chocolate Company, Burlingame, CA, (8)Mars Global Chocolate, Elizabethtown, PA, (9)CIRAD-UMR Qualisud, MONTPELLIER , France, (10)CIRAD-UMR Qualisud, Montpellier , France, (11)INIAP (Instituto Nacional Investigaciones Agropecuarias), Quevedo, Ecuador Cocoa Genetics and Breeding, Manufacturing Confectioner, 91, 2, February, 2011, pg. 54 German Confectionery Industry Cocoa Atlas 2010—contributing author for all aroma / flavor profiles of cocoa bean samples. OVERCOMING THE MAIN LIMITING FACTORS OF CACAO PRODUCTION IN CENTRAL AMERICA THROUGH THE USE OF IMPROVED CLONES DEVELOPED AT CATIE, Phillips, et al (Seguine participating author), COPAL Conference, Bali Indonesia, November 2009 Diagnosis, Bloom--Chocolate Forensics 101, Manufacturing Confectioner, Sept. 2002 World Cocoa Foundation--An Introduction, Manufacturing Confectioner, August 2001. Turn, Turn, Turn..Casson Viscosity Revisited (Déjà Vu—and Chocolate Too!), Manufacturing Confectioner, 77, 5, May, 1997, pg. 67 Putting It All Together---or, Think Like the Fat, Manufacturing Confectioner, 74, 11, November, 1994, pg. 60 Use of the Nutrition Labeling Database, Manufacturing Confectioner, 74, 5, May, 1994, pg. 127 What the New Chocolate Standards Can Do for You, Manufacturing Confectioner, 73, 11, November, 1993, pg. 37. 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Technology: Industry Sets Standard for Chocolate Viscosity, CMA/NCA Viscosity Subcommittee, Candy Industry, 153, 4, April, 1988, pg. 50. Application of the Casson Viscosity Method for Chocolate to the Brookfield Viscometer, CMA/NCA Viscosity Subcommittee, Manufacturing Confectioner, 68, 1, Jan. 1988, pg. 73. Instrument Review: Brookfield Viscometers for Chocolate, Manufacturing Confectioner, 66, 1, Jan. 1986, pg. 49. Honors: 2010 Recipient of NSCA Candy Hall of Fame Award 2010 Nomination for National Confectioners Association Candy Kettle Award 2003 Recipient of Master Chocolatier Emeritus from Retail Confectioners International (July 8, 2003) 2000 Recipient of the 50th Stroud Jordan award from the American Association of Candy Technologists (9/27/00) 1998 Recipient of the first PMCA Marie Kelso Memorial Award (4/28/98) 1994 Recipient of the Chocolate Manufacturer's Association Distinguished Service Award 1994 Recipient of the Retail Confectioners Association of Philadelphia National Kettle Award 1992 Recipient of the Henry J. Bornhofft Memorial Award, Retail Confectioner's International, Philadelphia US Patent 4,194,956 US Patent 4,200,509 US Patent 4,378,317 Hobbies: Reading (spy novels, nuclear physics, mathematics theory), church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [Mormons]) Family: Wife, Kathy, retired as a math teacher (geometry and algebra) at California High School, San Ramon, California. Ed and Kathy have four sons, two daughters, and twenty grandchildren.


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