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Collaboration to return soil fertility to key cocoa growing regions in West-Africa

Cocoa farmers have many needs to improve their performance and returns. To meet such needs, a diverse range of services are delivered to farmers; via governments and their extension agents, non-government and civil society organizations, and increasingly by traders and buyers. What do we know...

Presentation made on the opening day of the World Cocoa Conference 9 june 2014, to develop a global, strategic research agenda for cocoa. With inputs provided by KIT, COPAL,WCF and UK Cocoa Research.

The uncertainty regarding future production (and demand) of cocoa, the dearth of information on cocoa resources, the lack of co-ordination of initiatives originating from the public and private sector as well as from various development partners at national, regional and international levels,...

Presentation held at the Origin Chocolate Event (23 of October, 2013, Royal Tropical Institute of Amsterdam) by Anna Laven and Susanne van der Kooij. The presentation shows the learning process about fine or flavour chocolate, its chain and its sustainable characteristics.

An overview of the Cocoal Reactivation Project in Ecuador is presented. It aims to enhance the production of fine or flavour cocoa, of which Ecuador is a world leader.

This powerpoint discusses questions of chain governance and state involvement with regard to the development of the cocoa sector in developing countries.

Improving the marketing competitiveness of Fine or Flavour cocoa origins

Outline of a research proposal for studying multi-stakeholder sustainability alliances, suing signaling theory, theory of status, and theory of reasoned action. The basic concept is that sustainability is signaled from the firm to other stakeholders via MSSA parters such as Oxfam, WWF, or...

UTZ Certified together with leading cocoa companies and NGO's and other partners came together in 2007 to counter the trend of farmers switching from cocoa to other crops that generated better income. Youth in Ivory Coast do not want to continue the work of their parents as cocoa farmers. This 4...



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