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Collaboration to return soil fertility to key cocoa growing regions in West-Africa

Improving the marketing competitiveness of Fine or Flavour cocoa origins

Uploaded on Nov 2, 2011
This film shows the work of one of Christian Aid's Bolvian partners, CIPCA .
CIPCA works with communities in the Amazon to help them get official papers for their land and to grow a crop system that provides more food for their families. They support...

This presentation focuses on generic agribusiness public-private-partnership models with a potential for sustainable implementation and the attainment of an agricultural transformation policy. Particular reference is amde to capacity building in the cocoa value chain.

The impact of climate change on Indonesian cocoa productivity is discussed and strategies for adaptation are outlined. Both excessive rainfall and droughts are on the increase. Major factors include soil loss due to erosion, the development of pests and diseases, and poor been drying. Mitigation...

This video shows the concept and execution of Village Resource Centres set up in remote and rural areas in Ghana to enhance easy access to the Internet. Farmers, as one of the people interviewed says, for instance, can get here certified information that helps them improve their cocoa yields....

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