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To share, meet and learn for sustainable cocoa

In Working groups, a selection of people is invited to work together on a specific learning topic. If you would like to start a working group, please send a request to

Working groups can evaluate from learning questions posed on the to share website, or be requested by users. When a working group comes up with documentation or an answer to a learning question, it will inform the to share part of the website.

The working Group pages have three different functions to assist you in your work:

1. Creating group content:

a. Group post and active group discussions

b. Upload documents

2. Upload and alter working documents

3. Toolbox:

a. Google Docs

b. Yellow pages

c. Setting dates for realtime meetings

Working groups

Bridging the gender gap in the cocoa chain is getting higher on the agenda. Some actors that are less convinced, are still looking for evidence. While others, aware that addressing gender makes sense, look for hands-on tools to implement gender-sensitive training programmes and to provide gender...

The fine flavour - single origin cocoa work group is linked to the Chocoa Festival, to discuss the possibilities of fine flavour - single origin cocoa with regard to sustainability, origin and consumer preferences.

Members of the group can actively post new information, have active...